Preventing churn with dynamic sentiment analysis

Author :

Alex Hong / Claire Cho

Apr 8, 2024

Preventing churn with dynamic sentiment analysis (Bi-directional sync with Front)
Preventing churn with dynamic sentiment analysis (Bi-directional sync with Front)
Preventing churn with dynamic sentiment analysis (Bi-directional sync with Front)

Industry :

Visa Application Agency, B2C SaaS

TechStack :


primary users :

Customer Experience team, Customer Support team

About Boundless

Boundless is an immigration service provider offering legal services in immigration law based in Utah. With a mission to empower every family, they assist in navigating the immigration system more confidently, rapidly, and affordably.

Use Case


Boundless is a team with stellar customer support. Its product and customer lifecycle is tied to the lengthy US visa application process—which is a long and painful journey in and of itself! The gravity of providing a good customer experience throughout the customer’s journey cannot be overemphasized.

Their Customer Support Team’s close engagement with customers has been a core reason why customers love the Boundless experience. Boundless’ operations team aims to take their 5-star-support up a notch and they realized that the key is understanding what’s driving their customer’s sentiments holistically. Boundless wanted to find a sustainable way to achieve this that didn’t require any adding burden from their already occupied CX team—hence the AI.


In order to elevate their customer experience and ultimately prevent customer churn, we agreed that there are three main areas Syncly should focus on delivering jobs-to-be-done:

  • Enabling the team to understand customer issues throughout the customer journey and by visa application type - Understanding what’s driving negative customer experience was a great start in recognizing issues that matter. However, pinpointing which stage of the user journey a customer needs the most help on a granular level would provide in-depth insight and actionable items for the team. Boundless was already tagging customer stages for each customer. By parsing the tags, we were able to provide issues and sentiment by each customer cohort based on customer journey.

  • Being able to monitor customer sentiment over time and identify unhappy customers on an account/user level - Imagine starting your day with a list of unhappy customers that need your attention. Understanding how many of their recent conversations ended with a negative note and what needs to be addressed for the customer is a clear instruction itself that can really set your team in motion towards customer love. That’s what Boundless wanted to implement, and Syncly was able to provide that list.

  • Being able to build a two-way integration with Front for customer sentiment analysis - Seamlessly integrating into customers’ existing workflow is a critical piece of the adoption puzzle. Boundless wanted to leverage customer sentiment analysis from Syncly, but also from the existing customer support tool. Syncly built a bi-directional sync with Front in order to provide sentiment analysis back to Front where their agents are able to utilize it when assisting customers.

Also by aggregating everyday customer feedback, NPS, and CSAT score, Syncly was able to cross reference ratings with qualitative data, identifying the very issues that were driving low NPS, CSAT scores for their customers.


In full effect, the Boundless team became more proactive in reaching out to customers who left the latest conversation unhappy. Understanding what was discussed based on all conversations aggregated in Syncly, customer support agents now know exactly what the issues are and what needs to be done in order to solve those problems and to make the customer happy again.

Boundless team also has enhanced product experience and strengthened overall satisfaction for customers throughout their journey as they address the issues for each customer cohort in time.

Erik Finch, Director of Operations

“The visa application process is distressing for most applicants. At Boundless we aim to get rid of friction points as much as possible by identifying factors that leave our customers frustrated.

With Syncly’s AI-powered analytics, we discovered key customer issues that were controllable on our platform and how best we can avoid unexpected process delays and minimize miscommunication throughout the user journey. Most importantly we are now much more proactive in elevating customer experience which was all enabled by Syncly’s actionable insights and sentiment analysis!”

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