Tailoring GenAI to customer needs through Syncly AI

Author :

Alex Hong

May 7, 2024

Tailoring GenAI to customer needs through Syncly AI
Tailoring GenAI to customer needs through Syncly AI
Tailoring GenAI to customer needs through Syncly AI

Industry :

GenAI, B2C SaaS/App

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primary users :

Product team

About Gamma

Gamma is a fast-growing, pioneering Product-Led Growth (PLG) company leveraging innovative AI technology to enhance interactive presentation experiences. Gamma offers a platform designed to help users create and deliver interactive presentations to engage audiences effectively. Through Gamma’s platform, users can collaborate in real-time and create visually appealing slides to communicate their ideas effectively.

Use Case


Gamma directly engages with users to gather feedback, understand pain points, and identify improvement opportunities. This fosters customer connections and innovates workflows to ensure optimal product performance. Changes and updates to products are driven by ongoing feedback and testing. 

Gamma’s product team utilizes taxonomy to categorize customer feedback, aiming to ensure consistency and accuracy. However, this approach comes with its own set of challenges, as taxonomies might not always stay up-to-date and may not fully capture the latest customer needs, making it difficult to respond quickly to new feedback without having predefined categories in place.

With a deep understanding of AI’s strength and a focus on innovative product design, Gamma aims to leverage AI to innovate workflow to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in product management, enabling more agile and responsive handling of customer feedback.


Syncly focused on four key areas to make Gamma’s product design more efficient and responsive by automating processes and gaining real-time insights from customer feedback.

  • Easy plug-and-play. No hassle! - Syncly integrates seamlessly with Gamma’s existing workflow with just a few clicks, requiring minimal resources and no additional training for the Gamma team! This plug-and-play approach allowed Gamma to instantly generate customer insights to understand customer needs and requirements. 

  • Bridge the gap between customer needs and Gamma’s features - ​​A thorough understanding of customer expectations is crucial for aligning product features with actual customer needs and desires, especially for PLG companies like Gamma. To further strengthen Gamma’s taxonomic customer feedback management, Syncly integrated a sophisticated AI content analysis through semantic unit analysis to automate classification of received feedback into corresponding themes. Furthermore, Gamma can now quickly grasp the key content of each theme, discovering detailed insights from individual feedback. This eliminates the need for manual sorting through each customer feedback to create and categorize taxonomic themes for cohesive management. Gamma doesn’t even need to worry about new types of feedback - Syncly will automatically create a new corresponding theme and manage them separately!

  • Monitor performance of new and updated product offerings - With the focus on delivering high-quality products, Gamma wanted to track how customers reacted to newly updated features. Using dynamic sentiment analysis, Syncly supports Gamma to understand if customers are satisfied with new features by analyzing changing sentiments not only throughout a single conversation, but also throughout various interactions. For example, Gamma can understand that a customer likes the newly updated blue button by seeing their sentiment change from 🙁to 🙂after the update. And no need to worry even if our expectations are a little different from reality! For customers who are not happy with the new changes, Gamma is able to quickly capture the negative sentiment and react directly to the raised issues and concerns.

  • Now, bring them all together to gain valuable real-time insights - It’s time to put all these insights together into a dashboard! Syncly’s Insight provides a customer issue list with different levels of positive and negative sentiment to help identify the urgency of each issue, allowing Gamma to easily assess the significance of flagged high-importance themes by monitoring the number of issues and mentions. Gamma can further enhance its understanding of customers' concerns by reviewing quotes within flagged issues, aligning with its goal of comprehensively analyzing each feedback to deliver an optimal product. Syncly then stepped in to take some weight off of Gamma’s shoulders by leveraging AI to suggest helpful actions in solving raised issues. 


Gamma took a step closer to being a pioneering PLG (Product-led growth) company with its innovative product offerings that cater to customer needs and requirements. With an enhanced and automated product management process powered by Syncly’s AI, Gamma is able to efficiently gather, analyze, and respond to customer feedback, eliminating time-consuming and costly manual taxonomy management. This seamless integration also enables Gamma to quickly react to new and unregistered themes, ensuring a proactive approach to meeting evolving customer needs. This enhanced capability allows Gamma to gain deep insights into customers' true needs and sentiments regarding new product updates, ensuring a customer-centric approach at every turn.

With greater agility, responsiveness, and efficiency in handling customer feedback, Gamma can successfully deliver higher-quality products and a more positive customer experience.

Nikolas Payne, Product Designer

"Syncly has transformed our approach to product development by empowering our teams to understand and prioritize customer needs effectively based on real-time customer input data.”

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