Replacing Productboard with Syncly

Author :

Claire Cho

Mar 21, 2024

Cardda uses Syncly as a customer analytics tool.
Cardda uses Syncly as a customer analytics tool.
Cardda uses Syncly as a customer analytics tool.

Industry :

Fintech, B2B

TechStack :

Slack, Intercom

primary users :

Customer Experience team, Product Management team

About Cardda

Cardda is a fast growing fintech startup based in Latin America, often likened to the Latin version of Brex, offering credit card services tailored for startups. Given their rapid business growth and feedback from diverse markets and languages, Cardda aimed to take an action based on constant influx of customer feedback.

Use Case


Prior to integrating Syncly, Cardda spent a lot of time managing feedback and backlogs manually on Productboard.

As a fast growing start-up, volume of the feedback reached a point where it was too much to handle manually on multiple platforms. Because Productboard didn’t offer much automation, they had to read and categorize every single customer feedback by hand. Creating a weekly customer report also took a chunk of scarce resource which they didn’t have. It was a matter of time customer data to become a blackbox.

Cardda decided to leverage AI to solve this issue by automating tagging, analyzing, and using the platform as their weekly customer report, so that the entire team can focus on scaling and spend more time building with the customer feedback analytics.


With Syncly, Cardda was able to build a centralized place for customer feedback and able to build product based on real-time customer inputs on time.

Unlike ProductBoard, Syncly had AI-powered tagging capability which allows Cardda to significantly reduce time and effort. In addition to this feature, Syncly’s Topics and Insight allowed them to identify critical issues based on customer revenue and sentiment, empowering data-driven decision-making in feature prioritization.

These features proved beneficial even during the weekly company-wide VOC (Voice of the Consumer) meetings. Cardda facilitated weekly meetings with product team to align with customer needs and feature requirements.

After using Syncly, they were able to speed up the process and swiftly escalate key issues when reporting to executives. Moreover, with Syncly being language-agnostic, Cardda was able to analyze feedback in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


With Syncly, Cardda achieved successful alignment across different teams, breaking down silos and rallying around a shared understanding of urgent issues.

Actual customer quotes along with real-time analysis on Syncly allowed team members to understand how customers truly feel about their product. This enables a faster and more seamless end-to-end feedback-to-feature process that involves understanding underlying customer issues and reflecting key requirements into the product roadmap.

Before using Syncly, delay between receiving customer requests and developing features was huge. With the adoption of Syncly, time to delivery—turning customer insight to feature—has dropped dramatically. Through prioritizing the most urgent customer issues and catering to requirements for the right audience, Cardda was also able to enhance the overall product experience.

Utilizing Syncly’s Chart feature, Cardda visualized customer issue trends instantly and established a seamless and timely reporting process. Cardda saved significant time and effort in putting together weekly customer reports and sharing with the team.

Sebastian Hernandez, Co-founder of Cardda

"Syncly has completely revolutionized how we manage customer feedback at Cardda. It's like having a veteran team member sorting and prioritizing our customers input 24/7.

Switching from Productboard to Syncly was a no brainer. Thanks to Syncly, our weekly meetings have become efficient and on-point, enabling us to swiftly adapt and improve our product, which is crucial for any start-up trying to move fast. We no longer waste time on creating report!"

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