Voice of the Customers initiative with Syncly AI

Author :

Alex Hong

May 28, 2024

Voice of the Customers initiative with Syncly AI
Voice of the Customers initiative with Syncly AI
Voice of the Customers initiative with Syncly AI

Industry :

B2C consumer app (e-learning)

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primary users :

Customer Experience team

About Speak

Speak is a dynamic language learning app offering comprehensive experiences tailored to learners of all levels. Its key features include interactive lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights, personalized learning adapted to individual styles and pace. It also offers practice sessions for speaking and listening skills with native speakers. Supporting multiple languages, Speak provides detailed progress tracking and goal-setting features, enabling users to monitor their improvement. Its flexible approach allows learners to integrate language learning into their schedules, while engaging content and community support foster motivation and progress toward linguistic goals.

Use Case


Speak continuously upgrades its app through regular updates, including bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features aimed at enhancing the user experience and expanding the app’s capabilities. To ensure the app remains relevant, user-friendly, and aligned with the expectations of its user base, Speak actively gathers and responds to customer feedback.

Speak’s customer experience team collaborates with various teams like product and engineering to translate the customer VoC feedback into actionable insights, identifying specific areas where the app can be improved. However, with a lack of centralized database for qualitative customer data, it was difficult to effectively manage customer feedback across multiple teams and to quickly assess the feedback to determine which issues or suggestions are most critical or align with the app's strategic goals.

Speak aims to leverage AI to streamline customer feedback management to prioritize changes and iterate on the app to meet evolving user needs and preferences. This new approach will lead to enhanced user experience, improved customer loyalty, and innovation based on real needs.


Syncly worked with Speak on three main areas to consolidate and utilize customer feedback more efficiently across multiple teams to deliver a high-quality product based on customer needs and preferences. 

  • Gain visibility into customer experience -  With the goal to provide an effective and engaging language learning experience, Speak strived to have a deep understanding of customer feedback, including user sentiment, to identify specific pain points or areas of satisfaction. Syncly’s dynamic sentiment analysis supports Speak to comprehend how the users feel about different learning modules and activities, to identify trends in user satisfaction and preferences over time, and to measure user reaction after releasing new updates or new features. For example, positive sentiments indicate high engagement, while negative sentiment might suggest areas where users are losing interest. Speak can then utilize this information as a guide to adjust the content to better match user preferences, establish long-term product strategy to align user expectations with app features, and determine success of changes and new features. Even with a growing user base, Speak is able to manage large volumes of customer feedback data using AI to scale out actionable insights across various touch points.

  • Organize, analyze, and prioritize customer feedback for all stakeholders -  Speak’s CX team puts together VOC (voice-of-the-customer) reports for other functions across the organization to help identify areas where the app and user experience with overall service can be improved. To streamline this process, Syncly leveraged AI to automate organization and categorization of customer feedback based on themes, such as feature requests, usability issues, or suggestions for improvement relevant to corresponding teams. The result is then published into reports for individual teams on a designated schedule–every month. This fosters effective collaboration between different teams within Speak to prioritize the most impactful changes based on factors such as frequency of feedback, potential impact on user experience, and alignment with the company's vision. Without the time-consuming manual sorting through loads of customer feedback, Speak can quickly make necessary updates in response to customer needs and requirements as one team.

Attain actionable insights for each issue - Syncly’s AI doesn’t just stop at generating customer feedback reports, it also suggests relevant recommendations for each issue that can be translated into actionable solutions! Syncly’s Insight provides issue-specific suggestions with data-driven insights, allowing Speak to provide targeted solutions that directly address the root cause of the issue. Together with Syncly, Speak makes more proactive and informed decisions to resolve these specific issues effectively, improving overall app performance that meets user expectations.


Speak aims to provide an engaging language learning experience by understanding customer feedback and user sentiment to identify pain points and satisfaction areas. With Syncly's sentiment analysis, Speak is able to gauge user reactions about learning modules, track satisfaction trends, and measure reactions to updates, guiding content adjustments and feature alignment with user expectations. By leveraging the power of AI, Speak efficiently manages feedback data, prioritizing it for various internal stakeholders to facilitate collaboration and make proactive, informed decisions that enhance app performance.

Jinwoo Oh, Head of CX

"By actively collecting and responding to user feedback, Speak can continually refine its product features and learning modules to ensure they are intuitive and engaging, making the app more enjoyable and effective for language learners.”

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