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Joseph Lee (CEO)

May 19, 2023

keyword tracker
keyword tracker
keyword tracker

In this latest update, we are thrilled to introduce the Keyword Tracker feature, allowing you to register and monitor keywords of your choice. You can now track keywords related to competitors, specific features, and more. Let's explore the details together.

New Feature Release: Keyword Tracker

Users can register and manage keyword trackers in bundles for easy tracking and organization.

How to Use

1. Registering a Keyword Tracker

Access the settings page to register and manage your keyword trackers.

Click the "+ Tracker" button to create a new keyword tracker.

Enter the topic of interest in the Title field, and input the corresponding keywords in the Keyword list. By adding specific keywords to the list, you can track content that matches them perfectly.

2. Keyword Tracker Filtering

In the feedback list, navigate to Filter > Keyword Tracker to select the items you want to view and analyze.

Use Cases

1. Competitor Keywords

For example, let's consider Google Pixel smartphone as a case study. You can designate the following as competitor keywords:

Title: Major Competitors

Keyword list: Apple, iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy

2. Feature Keywords

  • Integration: Integration, Integrate, Slack, Jira, Gmail

  • Report : monthly, weekly quarterly, slack sharing, pdf

  • Scheduling: Calendar, Schedule, Scheduling

  • Account: Account, ID

  • Payment: Payment, Billing, Subscription, Billed twice

3. positive / negative keywords

  • positive : Kudos, like, satisfied, excellent, outstanding, love

  • negative : frustrating, disappointed, improve, problem, issue, lacking

4. Environment

  • Operating System :

    • Windows: Windows, Windows10, Windows11

    • macOS: macOS, BigSur, Monterey

    • Linux: Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS

  • Web Browser :

    • Google Chrome: Chrome, GoogleChrome

    • Mozilla Firefox: Firefox, Mozilla

    • Apple Safari: Safari, AppleSafari

    • Microsoft Edge: Edge, MicrosoftEdge

  • Device :

    • Desktop : desktop, pc, computer, laptop

    • Tablet : tablet, tabletpc, ipad

    • smartphone : smartphone, phone, iphone, android, pixel

  • Additional Factors :

    • Network Connection : Internet, wifi, wi-fi, network, high speed

    • Hardware : Memory, CPU, graphic card, Nvidia

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