Replacing Notion with Syncly

Author :

Alex Hong

Aug 17, 2023


Industry :

B2B SaaS, Productivity

TechStack :

Front, Slack

primary users :

Customer Success Team

Customer Use Case: Navattic

*Please note that the feedback in the images are augmented and not the actual customer feedback of Navattic.


Navattic previously used Notion to organize customer feedback. Each agent summarized the feedback, customer that provided it, and whether or not it was related to a product area that was currently in development.

The process required a lot of manual work from team members recording feedback and diligence in identifying related feedback to avoid duplicates. 

Analysis within Notion was a time-consuming and manual task for the GTM and product team.


Automated Data Aggregation

Navattic had three different sources of customer feedback. Feedback from video calls, emails, and in-app chats. Feedback from calls were recorded by each agent, and emails and chat data was managed by Front. Syncly automated data aggregation to Syncly workspace by integrating into both Slack and Front.

Slack Use Case

Navattic created a slack channel to collect all customer feedback over video calls. Syncly pulled each message from this channel and turn it into customer feedback along with customer information.

Front Use Case

Navattic easily set up the Front <> Syncly integration by using one click integration.

All in-app chats that are archived within Front are now sent to the Syncly workspace in real time, where Syncly’s AI separates relevant feedback from general comments.

To further reduce the manual effort required in tagging feedback, Syncly’s Front integration also pulls the original conversation tags and valuable customer profile data like customer adoption stage and their primary use case.

Automated Data Categorization

Each data point from Slack and Front was auto-categorized based on its nature and sentiment was analyzed to enrich the data.


Decision making based on customer data

  • Navattic team is now utilizing the customer feedback data in making product development decisions. By using Syncly insight, Navattic understands trending customers issues in real time along with the context.

Customer segmentation

  • Based on customer profile, Navattic team now understands proportion of customer asking for each feature.

  • Navattic team can also analyze customer pain by each adoption stage to prioritize the right issue.

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